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Rentic Policy on Cookies

To deliver, protect, and improve the Rentic App, Rentic employs cookies, mobile identifiers, tracking urls, log data, and other similar technologies. This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) adds to the Rentic Privacy Policy by explaining how and why we use these technologies, as well as the options available to you.


Rentic’s Reasons for Using These Technologies

We employ these technologies for a variety of reasons, including:

  • In order for you to be able to use and access the Rentic Platform as well as the Payment Services.
  • To enable, expedite, and streamline the operation of the Rentic Platform and your access to it.
  • To better understand how you use the Rentic Platform and how you interact with it, and to improve the Rentic Platform.
  • To provide you with targeted advertising (such as on the Rentic Platform, emails and on third-party websites).
  • To show you more relevant stuff (for example, adverts)
  • To track and analyze the performance, functionality, and efficacy of the Rentic Platform and Rentic ads
  • To enforcing the terms of the Rentic Platform’s legal agreements
  • Detection and prevention of fraud, trust and safety, and investigations
  • For customer service, analytics, research, product development, and regulatory compliance applications.



We may put cookies on your device when you visit the Rentic Platform. Cookies are little text files that websites transmit to your computer or other Internet-connected device in order to uniquely identify your browser or store information or preferences. Cookies help us recognize you when you return to our site.

They also assist us in providing a personalized experience and can assist us in detecting certain types of fraud. In many circumstances, the data we acquire through cookies and other techniques is solely used in a non-identifiable way, with no reference to personal data. For instance, we may use the data we collect to better analyze website traffic patterns and to improve the user experience on our website.

We may link the information we gather through cookies and other technology to your personal information in some situations. These tracking technologies may also be used by our business partners on the Rentic Platform, or they may hire others to track your activities on our behalf.


On the Rentic Platform, there are two sorts of cookies: (1) “session cookies” and (2) “permanent cookies.” Session cookies expire when you shut your browser, however persistent cookies stay on your device after you close your browser and can be re-used the next time you visit the Rentic Platform.

In many circumstances, you can alter your browser settings to manage cookie preferences and opt-out of having cookies and other data gathering technologies utilized. Because every browser is different, go to your browser’s “help” section to learn about cookie preferences and other privacy settings that may be available.

Please be aware that removing or rejecting cookies or clearing local storage may have an impact on the Rentic Platform’s features, availability, and operation.


Cookies in a Flash

To personalize and enhance your online experience, we may employ Flash Cookies, also known as Local Stored Objects, and related technologies. A Flash cookie is a tiny data file used by Adobe Flash to save information on a computer.

The Adobe Flash Player is a program that enables the creation of dynamic content such as video clips and animations quickly.

Flash cookies are used to personalize and improve your online experience, as well as to provide content to Flash players. Flash cookies may also be used for security purposes, to collect website metrics, and to remember settings and preferences. The interface for managing Flash cookies is different from the one offered by your web browser. Please visit Adobe’s website to learn how to manage Flash cookies.

Please be aware that if you disable Flash cookies or other similar technologies, you may lose access to some content and product features, such as your device remembering a Listing you viewed during a prior visit.


Trackers, Pixel Tags, and Web Beacons

Pixel tags, web beacons, and tracking urls are small graphic images and/or short bits of code that allow us to establish whether you did a specific activity on our website pages, adverts, or emails. When you visit these pages or open an email, please notify us that you have done so. These tools assist us in determining the effectiveness of our messages and improving our web pages and campaigns.


Logs from the server and other technologies

From server logs and other technologies, we capture a wide variety of data. We gather data about the device you use to access the Rentic Platform, such as the operating system, browser type, domain, and other system settings, as well as the language your system employs and the country and time zone where your device is situated. The IP address of the device you use to access to the Internet is also recorded in our server logs.

An IP address is a one-of-a-kind identifier that allows devices to recognize and communicate with one another via the Internet. We may also gather information about the websites you visited before coming to the Rentic Platform and after leaving the Rentic Platform.


When we provide accessibility features, we may gather information about your use of the Rentic Platform. The described tools assist us in improving the user experience and delivering our services.


Information about the device

We may use device-related information to verify users’ identities. To identify the device used to access our platform, we may use your IP address, browser information, or other data provided by your browser or device. We may also use these device-related approaches to link you to different devices that you may use to access our content, such as for fraud prevention and improved advertising targeting.


Third-Party Entities

Rentic allows third parties to collect the information described above through our Service, and Rentic discloses that information to third parties for business purposes as described in this Privacy Policy, such as providing advertising on our Service and elsewhere based on users’ online activities over time and across different sites, services, and devices.


Third companies, such as Facebook, use the Rentic Platform to install technology like pixels and sdks. These technologies (1) assist us in analyzing how you use the Rentic Platform, such as by noting the third-party services from which you arrived, (2) market and advertise Rentic services to you on the Rentic Platform and third-party websites, (3) assist us in detecting or preventing fraud or conducting risk assessments, and (4) collect information about your activities on the Rentic Platform, other sites, and/or the advertisements you have clicked on. For example, we collaborate with a number of analytics partners, like Google Analytics, to better understand how users use the Rentic Platform.

You can install the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser by clicking here to prevent Google Analytics from utilizing your data for analytics. If specific criteria are met, such as being logged into a third-party service on the same browser, cookies may be stored.

Third parties, such as Facebook, may also use tracking technologies to collect or receive information from the Rentic Platform and elsewhere, and use that information to serve ads to you that they believe are most likely to be of interest to you, as well as to measure the effectiveness of their ads on the Rentic Platform and on other websites and online services. Google, as well as other advertising networks and services that we use from time to time, may use targeting and advertising cookies. For more information on how Google handles data in its advertising products, see here. Visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page, the Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page, or for more information about targeting and advertising cookies and how to opt out. You can visit the Google Ads Settings page to opt out of Google Analytics for display advertising or to personalize Google display network ads. You may still receive advertising content if advertising technology is embedded into the Rentic Platform and you opt out of personalized advertising. The advertising content will not be personalized to your interests in such situation. Furthermore, we have no control over any of these opt-out links and are not responsible for their availability or accuracy. Users can opt out of data gathering and use for ad targeting by adjusting their Facebook account ad settings and contacting with a description of their request and validation information.


Social Plugins from Third Parties

Third-party social plugins, such as the Facebook Like Button, may be used on the Rentic Platform. As a result, the information that you are viewing on a specific portion of the Rentic Platform may be sent to a third party. If you are not logged into your third-party account, the third-party may not be aware of your identity. If you log in to your third-party account, the third-party may be able to relate information or actions about your interactions with the Rentic Platform to your third-party account. To discover more about the third party’s data practices, please review its privacy policies.


Your Decisions

Most browsers accept cookies by default, but you can change your browser settings to reject cookies by going to the Help section of your browser’s toolbar. Due to a lack of consensus over how that signal should be understood, the Rentic Platform presently does not respond to a “Do Not Track” signal in the HTTP header from your browser or mobile application.


Flash cookies aren’t the same as browser cookies, and cookie management features in web browsers won’t help you get rid of them. Visit the Adobe website to learn more about managing flash cookies and make adjustments to the Global Privacy Settings Panel.


Your mobile device’s settings function may allow you to manage cookies. For more information, consult the manufacturer’s instructions for your device.

If you refuse to accept cookies, some features of the Rentic Platform may not function properly or at all.



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