A Renter/Guest

An individual booking an accommodation or making an experience reservation.

A Host

The owner or manager of the accommodation or the experience host.

A Buyer

Someone buying a property, course or other items on the Rentic platform.

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FAQ for Renters

What is Rentic and how does it work?

Rentic is a marketplace for accommodations and experiences. If you’re looking to travel to any part of the Nigeria or other African countries, you can find ideal accommodation and experiences in one search.

What are the associated fees?

Rentic charges a 5% processing fee to cover charges. This charge cut across both accommodations and experiences. That’s all you’ll ever pay as extra fees, except for roommates and flatshare apartments. No sweeping, cleaning or any other fees.

How do I make payment on rentic?

You can make payment on the Rentic app using your bank card. Our payment system is highly secure and safe for your transaction.

How do I make payment on rentic?

You can make payment on the Rentic app using your bank card. Our payment system is highly secure and safe for your transaction.

How do I download the Rentic Web App?

The Rentic web app was created to provide quick access to the app for all users. The app is currently available on the Google Play Store.

My payment isn’t going through. What should I do?

Ensure your card is activated for internet transaction. Contact us via the support page so we can work resolve any payment issues.

Can I cancel a reservation?

You can cancel the reservation from your dashboard. Click on reservations, then you can cancel any reservation. Ensure to read the cancellation terms.

FAQ for Hosts

What fees are allowed on Rentic?

As a host, you’re not allowed to charge extra fees. Except for Roommates and Flatshare apartments that have monthly recurring fees. We believe payment for a full-service apartment or space, should cover everything. So Instead of breaking down into small fees, Add up everything so the renter can pay it all at once.

Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes, you can cancel a reservation as a renter. However, it should be based on good reasons following our cancellation policy.

Can I edit a listing?

Yes, you can edit your listings to make any changes you want. Click on Listings and then the pencil icon. Note: All edits will need to be reapproved to be published.

How do I make withdrawals?

To make withdrawals click on ‘Payout’ on your dashboard, then ‘Request Payout’. Select ‘Bank Transfer’ and fill in your bank details. You’ll receive your money with 12 – 24 hours. Note: Rentic charges a 5% withdrawal fee to cover charges.

Will rentic pay instantly?

For shortlets, Roommates, Flatmates and others we send payment for a hosting 24 hours after the guest checks in. You’ll receive the full payment for the whole stay (if the guest is staying for multiple days). For Experinces, we send payment within 12 hours after the order has been marked complete (provided you meet the payment threshold). The experience host will need to get a unique code from the guest and use it to change to status of the order to “completed”.

Do you have any other questions not covered here?

Feel free to talk to us via any of our support channels.



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