Fees & Charges

At Rentic, we focus on changing the accommodation renting and experience landscape to make life easier and more enjoyable for Nigerians.

Note: All customers are advised to make payment on the Rentic Platform.

Here’s a snapshot of the fees and charges on the platform.


Booking fee

There’s only one fee “the booking fee,” which the renter or guest pays.

Hosts and Renters are advisers to add any other fees (cleaning) to the total booking fee.

You can, however, add other services as add-ons, so the guest can decide whether they want them or not.


Booking Charges

Shortlets booking: Booking a shortlet on Rentic comes at Zero charges.

As a guest, you get to pay the price you see; there are no hidden charges.

Other Booking: Booking for a roomshare, flatshare, co-working spaces, halls and venues has a 5% booking charge for renters.


Withdrawal fees

Rentic has a 5% withdrawal fee for hosts and Renters. This helps us to cover the booking and withdrawal charges.

Once you place a withdrawal, you’ll get your payment within 24 hours.


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