How shared apartments work

Shared apartments are becoming more popular in today’s market and for good reasons. Shared apartments provide several benefits as it is a great way to save money and meet new people. In this article, I will explain why shared apartments work so well, and how they work in practice.

Why shared apartments work so well?

There are several reasons why shared apartments work so well. For example, even though you are living in the same apartments, cohabitation allows people to live their own lives the way they want. You can still be your individual and leave at whatever time you need to and return at any time you desire. Sharing an apartment does not necessarily mean you lose your privacy. It only means you get to stay in an apartment and be able to share responsibilities.

Talking about responsibilities, another reason shared apartment works so well is that responsibilities are shared. For instance, staying alone require you to pay the bills alone, clean alone, and many other responsibilities you need to take on alone. Staying in a shared apartment means sharing household responsibilities with your flatmate.

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How shared apartments work in practice

Let’s say you stay on the Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria. Mainland like Yaba and you work at Lekki. Every day your alarm wakes you up by 4 am just for the commute to Lekki, you stay in traffic for 5 hours and still get to the office late and get scolded by your boss. Then you calculate the amount of fuel you use every day commuting to Lekki every single day and you also think about your stress level doing this every day. This reek of stress, waste of time and money.

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Getting a shared apartment in Lekki would be a perfect plan to ease your stress and save you a lot of money. You can easily search for a shared apartment in Lekki and an already-furnished apartment with someone seeking a flatmate. You don’t have to go through the process of finding a property, getting an agent, furnishing the property, and the rest. You just need to find someone in need of a flatmate in Lekki, pay the required fee, and move in almost immediately.

Sharing your apartment as the owner also comes with a lot of perks. The bills and companionship are something to think about. For example, You rent an apartment for 800,000 every month and the electricity cost is about 400,000 per year. And you still have that extra room in your apartment you are not using. You could easily share your apartment with someone. This way, you can share your bills and responsibilities. Saving at least 40% of the cost of staying alone.

You might wonder how to find someone willing to share an apartment or where to list your shared apartment. Using the Rentic app is the surest and most reliable means to getting a good shared apartment in no time. Visit and search for a shared apartment. You can also click on this link to see steps on how to share your apartment on Rentic 


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