How to find a Shared Apartment in Nigeria 

Mercy outlines the steps to find a shared apartment on Rentic, anywhere you are in Nigeria.

Finding a shared apartment in Nigeria can take a lot of work. Whether you’re searching for a shared apartment in a busy city like Lagos or Abuja or a less busy environment, searching for a housemate or a shared apartment can be difficult and stressful. There are many benefits to having a flat/roommate. Living in shared apartments for long periods is very common in today’s economy. Rent prices are soaring, and few renters can afford a place on their own, especially in big cities like Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

Getting overwhelmed by the search for a shared apartment in Nigeria becomes something of the past while using Rentic. The Rentic app has made the search seem very stress-free. Here are six steps to finding a shared Rentic apartment on our app.


1. Sign up to Rentic

Sign up to Rentic at to search for the best available shared apartment. Rentic app offers not only just apartments for rent but also shared apartments. You can sign up for the Rentic platform with simple clicks and get your desired apartment.


2. Search for a shared apartment

You can search for the location where you would like to find a shared apartment. For example, you can search with keywords like “shared apartment in Lagos” or shared apartment in Abuja.” You could also narrow down the search by typing “shared apartment in Lekki.” If you are in luck, will a shared apartment be listed already in your desired location, and if not? Not to worry, you can just put in a request for a shared apartment.

 Request for a shared apartment: You can put in a request for a shared apartment of your choice via the app/website. You go to the requests section on the website and fill in the details required, including the request type, location, and price. After which it will be approved and listed.


3. View photos, Details, and Pricing

The Photo of what the building looks like. The location, price, and other accurate details of the apartment will surely be provided to enable you to make your decision well. All you have to do is click to request that apartment that fits your description and budget to get matched with your flatmate.


4. Getting matched with your flat/roommate

The next step is getting matched with your flat/roommate after you have found the apartment. We connect both parties (the host and the renter) to agree, after which you will be allowed to inspect the apartment. You are advised to go with a friend to feel safe.


5. Make the payment online

Upon inspection and you find it a suitable place for you to move in, all you have to do now is make payment for the apartment on the app. Making payments on the platform is made easy for you. It also helps you avoid a lot of things. Here are reasons why you should pay on the app.


6. The Rentic sharing agreement

After payment, the Rentic app will prove both you and the host with the Rentic sharing agreement, which entails certain statements must be agreed on by both parties. You, the renter, would also be required to provide a guarantor before signing the agreement after both parties have signed the agreement. Then it is a done deal!


7. Arrange your move date

After payment and signing the agreement, you can move in with your new flatmate at the agreed time. Easy, right?


At Rentic, we understand how stressful searching for a new shared apartment can be. With our app, taking these simple steps will be less work for you. Contact our customer service team for more enquires or support.


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