How To Keep Yourself Safe!

Mercy outlines the steps you can take to keep yourself safe when sharing an apartment or checking into a shortlet apartment.

Going in into unfamiliar territory might be a scary experience for some people. So we decided to talk about ways to keep yourself safe when going into this unfamiliar experience.

Here are ten ways you can keep yourself safe. 

1. Check For Verification

Every property uploaded on the Rentic platform must undergo a series of verification before it becomes active. Only send a message to the host if you confirm that the property is verified and active. This ensures that it is safe for you to contact the host.


2. Check For Reviews

You can check for reviews of other people who have stayed in the property on the Rentic platform to ensure a good review from someone who had a bad experience with that property/host.


3. Look Up the Location

Always research the location of the property. This will help you see if the property is located in a safe environment with good security, and you can also get information on how to locate the environment quickly. Killing two birds with one stone, yeah?


4. Talk To Us

You can always contact our customer service to reconfirm if the property is verified or if you have any doubts. We are easily accessible and always ready to listen. You can contact us at Rentic on Whatsapp at 07056928186 and call us at


5. Check In During The Day To Familiarize Yourself With The Environment

You should always check in to your apartment during the day to familiarize yourself with the apartment’s INS and OUT. Check if all the doors are in perfect condition to keep you secured, and if not, raise concerns with the host and ensure it gets fixed before night falls.


6. Raise Your Concerns With The Host

As earlier stated, it is your right to raise your concerns with your host. If you feel insecure in your apartment, please clearly communicate your concerns, and your host will attend to your concerns.


7. Pay On the Rentic app

Paying on Rentic is the safest way to pay the specified amount. Here’s a link on why you should pay with Rentic


8. Only Share With The Same Gender

We always advise that when using a shared apartment, please share with the same gender. Although it is not compulsory, it’s only advisable. Because you would feel more secure staying with the same gender


9. Visit In Advance

To be safer, you can visit the apartment in advance and go with a friend. This is just a precaution to ensure it is in that location, and everything should be in pristine condition.


10. Ask Questions

You can also ask people in the environs of the apartment about the apartment. And if it’s a shared apartment, you could also tell your closest neighbors about your host.

In addition, always tell at least one person where you are, and you can send a friend or a family member your location to be on the safer side. 

 You can contact us at Rentic on Whatsapp for further assistance.

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