How To List Your Apartment or Space on

Here's how to list your apartment/space on Rentic in 7 easy steps.

Everyone running a shortlet apartment, hostels, party house, co-working space, halls/venues, and other spaces want more reach and Rentic offers just that. It’s also the ideal platform to list your apartment and get roommates and flatmates.


So how do you list your apartment on Rentic?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to listing your apartment on Rentic in a few minutes.

Step 1: Visit or launch the web app (It can be downloaded on Google Play Store, starting April 3rd, 2022).


Step 2: Click “Add Listing” at the top right of the page.


Step 3: Select submission type: Select the type of listing you want to make from the list and click “Continue. submission page

Step 4. Fill out the form:

The form varies based on the type of listing you have.

  • Enter a title.
  • Enter a description (the description should tell prospective guests all they need to know about your apartment/space).
  • Select property type: What type of property is it?
  • Type of stay: how will guests be paying? Daily, weekly, monthly?
  • Enter address. Ensure to fill out the map section to appear in nearby searches.


Select amenities and rules that apply to the apartment/space.

Gallery: Upload a photo of the space. Enter a YouTube video if you have one. form


Step 5. Set pricing. Your price should reflect the type of stay you selected. set price

Sep 6. Set reservation: Allow guests to reserve space. Specify how many guests can lodge at a time.

Step 7: Finish and publish. Click “Continue” to send the listing to our admins for review.


Once we receive your listing; we will evaluate it and approve it, or send it back for modification.

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