Rentic vs. Airbnb: 8 Reasons to Choose Rentic Over Airbnb

Rentic offers similar services like most platforms including Airbnb. Mercy outlines 8 factors that make the Rentic App standout over similar apps.

Rentic lets property owners rent out their spaces to people looking for a place to stay, just like Airbnb. While there are certain similarities between the two platforms, I’ll be pointing out the differences that make Rentic a better choice.   Here are eight reasons why you should choose Rentic over Airbnb.

1. You get to pay in naira.

Airbnb allows payments on its platform. However, they only accept foreign currencies [dollars, etc]. Rentic, on the other hand, allows you to pay in Naira, which is a more efficient and affordable way of payment, especially if you are based in Nigeria. You won’t have to worry about conversion rates or bank payment limits, especially now that the Naira has plunged. Just pay with your bank card to access the accommodation you need.  

2. Withdraw earnings directly to your bank account: 

Rentic makes things easier for hosts. Unlike Airbnb, where you would have to go through a long process of setting up an account on foreign payment platforms like PayPal or Payoneer, which come with drawbacks like high chargeback fees, unresponsive customer service, and more. But the Rentic, on the other hand, allows you to withdraw your earnings [rent] directly into your bank account. No PayPal or Payoneer account is needed.    

3. Diversified offering [shared apartment also available on rent]: 

In contrast to Airbnb, which only allows the renting of property, the Rentic app accommodates the request for a shared apartment. This simply means that you cannot only rent out unused space but also share it with anyone looking for roommates or flatmates. Rentic also offers annual rental properties, co-working spaces, venues, and more.   

4. Zero fees on short-let bookings

For every short-let booking made with Airbnb, there is a service fee of sometimes up to 14% of the booking subtotal. Rentic on the other hand has zero fees on shortlet apartment booking. There’s no service fee, which means that you get to save more money by booking on Rentic.  

5. No cleaning fees.

Booking an apartment on Airbnb comes with a lot of fees, with cleaning fees sometimes being as high as the apartment cost. Rentic believes it is the sole responsibility of the host to be accountable for the cost of cleaning with no extra charge to the renters. Therefore, there is no cleaning fee. All fees are required to be added to the accommodation price so the renter can make an informed decision.   

6. Extensive support: 

As a renter or host, you want a fast response to your inquiries so you can have things sorted and get back to living your life. Poor customer service can ruin your experience. The Airbnb customer support team has proven to be somewhat indirect and a hassle. With Airbnb, it might prove difficult to get support in your search for suitable accommodation.  Rentic, however, has a more responsive customer care service, which can also be reached via WhatsApp and call. The Rentic team is always available to support renters in their search for suitable accommodation for them.   

7. Access to local experiences: 

Rentic does not only offer you a place to rent, but it also offers local experiences wherever you choose to rent your property. This is something that’s missing on Airbnb. While Airbnb has an ‘Experience’ feature, there isn’t a single experience accessible to Nigerians.  

8. Availability of property in different areas

Airbnb in Nigeria is mostly known for providing property mainly in this part of Nigeria: Lagos, Ibadan, and other cities. But Rentic provides property in different parts of the country. You can find a shortlet or shared apartment even in remote communities all over Nigeria.


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