What is Rentic Experience All About?

Rentic Experiences is a new and exciting way to experience a city.

It is not about seeing the same things in the same order every time. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing a new place with new perspectives—and at the same time, having fun and meeting people.


So you may be wondering how does Rentic Experiences work? Well, think of it this way… You know how Rentic works for booking properties, right? Well, experiences work the same way. You get to pick the experience you want, and we’ll make sure it’s taken care of.

Rentic Experience includes a lot of fun activities like paintballing, kayaking, and other fun activities peculiar to a certain location that can be easily accessed through the Rentic platform.

Paintball Photo credit: mumng.com

One of the best things about this feature is that you do not need to have to be in a Rentic apartment to use this feature.

For instance, It’s the weekend and you’re home for the first time in a while. You’re craving some fun, but there’s no way you can go out and do it.

That’s where Rentic Experience comes in! With our app, you can search for activities happening around you, filter by location, and see what’s going on nearby. You can even see all of our activities on one page so you can choose which ones will suit your mood.

Rentic Experience is also a perfect way to find things to do during your stay in an apartment in an area that is quite unknown to them. Say, you are renting a short let apartment in Abuja and this is the first time being in this part of the country. You can use the Rentic experience to search for various fun activities you can participate in during your stay in Abuja.

Using the Rentic experience is safe and very accessible to our users. You only have to;

  • Login to the Rentic app
  • Click on “Experience”
  • Input your location
  • Select the activity you would like to participate in.

You also have the option of booking this activity before you get to the venue just to confirm that there is indeed a slot for you.

Visit www.rentic.app to have the best experience!

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