10 Reasons to Always have the Rentic App on your Phone.

The Rentic app allows you instant access to accommodations and experiences wherever you are in Nigeria and in some African countries. Mercy outlines 10 reasons you should always have the Rentic app on your phone.

Here are a few reasons why you should use the Rentic app.

1. If you love to travel

Traveling is one of the best activities. But one thing that can be stressful about traveling is finding a place to stay every time you travel.

Rentic app provides access to safe accommodation across Nigeria without you having to stress over it every time you travel. On the app, you can book accommodations at the location you would be traveling to and also get a clear description of the accommodations without having to be present in person. Now you only have to worry about not losing your luggage at the airport.


2. Experience

One thing that makes the Rentic app stand out from any other app you might have come across is that we offer you experience found in every part of the county you might be in.

Finding fun wherever you’re visiting or even where you reside can take time and effort. Rentic app suggests affordable experiences in any part of Nigeria. 


3. Find shared apartments

Rentic app eases the stress of finding affordable accommodations in populated cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, etc. Rentic app provides access to shared accommodations that can fit your budget.


4. Co-working spaces

For remote workers looking for a working space with a good power supply and a quiet environment to work in. You can quickly get a working space at any location you want using the Rentic app. 


5. If you’re looking for a shortlet

Looking for a place to stay that feels like home for a short period? Rentic app offers shortlet apartments with everything you might need in a home. You can also get an apartment to share with someone or share your apartment with someone…a flatmate. 


6. If you’re looking for verified real estate to rent/buy

You must have experienced or heard of bad experiences with real estate people. You rent/ buy a property and start hearing about specific fees that weren’t included in the initial agreement or someone claiming the land belongs to them. Well, Rentic app provides only verified properties to avoid any form of discomfort to the users.


7. If you’re visiting a city

Visiting a city necessitates having a place to stay and the experiences to make your stay memorable. Rentic app provides excellent accommodations and experiences wherever you decide to tour.


8. If you’re planning to relocate

You can use the Rentic app to get new accommodations in the new part of the country you would like to relocate to.


9. First time in Nigeria

The first time in a new country can be daunting. It will be more daunting without accommodations. Rentic app is easily accessible and provides the accommodation you desire without asking a family member who might disappoint you to find a property.

10. Vacations

Are you planning a family vacation or going with a certain someone this summer? Rentic app provides accommodations and experiences in every part of Nigeria. So you can have the best time in the best place and an unforgettable experience.


Using an app like Rentic comes with a lot of advantages for different reasons. Use Rentic today. Visit us at www.rentic.app to register an account.


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