Why You Should Always Pay With Rentic

Mercy from Rentic outlines five reasons why you should always pay for accommodations or experiences on the Rentic app.

Have you ever wondered why there’s a payment option on the Rentic platform and why you should use it? Why can’t you pay directly to your host? 

Here are a few reasons you should pay with the Rentic app.


1. Escrow (Safeguard you from fraud)

Rentic acts as an escrow between the host and the renter. We hold the money you pay for booking accommodation until you arrive at the apartment. This reduces issues of fraud, especially as regards paying in advance.


2. Proof of payment

When you make a payment as a renter, Rentic sends you a receipt that serves as proof of payment. The receipt can come in handy in several situations. For example, if your employer is paying for the room, it can be used as proof of payment or as a receipt to request reimbursement. It can also show proof that you were indeed present in that location 


3. Pay ahead of time

You can reserve specific accommodations on Rentic by paying for them ahead of time. You just need to call or chat with the host a few days before making a reservation to make sure the room is still available.

For instance, say you are traveling to Abuja on the 15th of next month; you can book and pay to reserve an apartment for the period you want to stay. If you pay for 3 days starting on the 15th, the host is obligated to ensure the accommodation is available within that period.


4. Avoid unnecessary charges

Most short-let and shared apartments have additional charges, like an agency. Some even charge commissions and other fees. Booking with Rentic eliminates all these additional charges. You only have to pay the specific amount and maybe some bills ( if it’s not covered in the agreement). Rentic will interfere if there’s any attempt by any host to bring up unspecified charges.


5. Get an immediate refund

It is common for a renter to book accommodations and then have a change of heart or change of plans. In situations like this, Rentic requests an immediate refund to the renter’s bank account. 

Similarly, if you want to stay fewer days than the specified date in the agreement, Rentic will get the host to refund you for the remaining days.

Paying with Rentic is stress-free and has more advantages for you.



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